Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jerry Hingle on Exporting for Small Farmers

Our Executive Director, Jerry Hingle, was featured on in an interview about the difficulties farmers face when finding the right foreign market for their product. For many small farmers in the south, resources are limited, and the thought of exporting their goods to an unknown foreign market is intimidating. That's when Jerry Hingle proposes seeking SUSTA's help.

"Arkansas is in the middle of a "golden era" of agricultural exports, as its producers are finding markets throughout the world for products such as rice, poultry and cotton, as well as value-added products like sauces and condiments. He said the state has seen a 60 percent increase in exports over the past five years."

Mr. Hingle goes on to explain that China is the top export market for Arkansas:

"'They like our food,' he said, adding the regulations under which food is prepared and imported are more strict than those in place in China, resulting in a higher quality product. 'U.S. food is considered safe and is in demand.' He expects that demand to increase as China's middle class advances."

Read more from the article to learn about the benefits of exporting your small business at: Jerry Hingle on

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