Thursday, September 13, 2012

Latest Food Manufacturing News: The FDA Cracks Down

This past week, the Food and Drug Administration issued many warning letters to food manufacturers across the U.S. Some of which include Henrys Farms in Virginia, who had a problem with sprout production, and Chu Minh Corp. in Seattle, a tofu manufacturer who received a warning letter because of "insanitary conditions."

The agency was most concerned with the presence of live birds, insects, and both live and dead rodents in the production areas. They received a 7 page warning letter that addressed each concern. The FDA is cracking down on many food manufacturing companies; it is extremely important that you follow all regulations concerning production, labeling, and sanitation. To familiarize yourself with these regulations, visit the FDA website.

"Food companies that receive warning letters are generally given 15 days to respond to issues raised by the FDA. Sometimes, if the government and the food company reach agreement on how to handle all the issues raised, the FDA will post a "close-out" letter on its website." To read more about which companies received letters this past week, read the article from Food Safety News.

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